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Le inversé CV - comment vos passions et tâches pourrait atterrir vous - votre prochain occupation

I recently attended a lecture by George Anders LSE community which coincided with the beginning of his new novel "The Unusual Search 'conference - a remarkable research on the road to business research, cutting edge new gift.

Among the companies mentioned in this publication is Google. Google began to read the CV of the traditional way, but after an involuntary experience (all details in the publication), they realized that they may be lost tons of wonderful gift were focusing their attention on Typical accused of academic achievements and qualifications, they started really reading the CV in the database.

Now, for a long time as a consultant CV and coach, I have been stressing the need for the interests and actions section of a resume from time to time in the face of contrary views. What Google found by searching "upside" is that the last part of an individual's CV showed a lot about their character and traits they bring to your work beyond their academic art - great news if the university was not your area of expertise!

1) Be Exceptional

Constantly thinking what it claims on you and, if possible, be exceptional as regards the review of the kinds of actions and interest payable. For example, participating in a fun run to raise funds for charity is wonderful, but it is getting more and more a look at the CV. Not only that, he speaks long effort on the degree of perseverance, self-discipline and resilience of a candidate - all the traits of a good worker.

Exceptional does not always mean that nobody else has done it before (after all, "there is nothing new under the sun"), but it does suggest is that curiosity or the job advertisement is a little above average and much less likely to search the CV of someone else in the pool e Sat

2) Be Unique

So you love "watching movies and socializing with friends"? Superb - so do 99% of the job search for residents nothing new! Do not spend time list of generic activities and tasks that say or understand anything about you as a man.

As much as you may be tempted to lie or exaggerate about your passions, the truth is usually the largest policy. There is no point in saying that you love to play golf in your spare time when your home is in an area of downtown without green spot in sight! Any discerning business will be able to quickly see during the interview and if maybe not, surely at work, so you will have wasted their time, if you find a way to cross the phase CV with lies, and besides, your own; it is not worth it.

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